Valentines Day!

By Alyssa L. 7th grade
Middle North
Feb. 2013

Our school will be selling lip shaped lollipops around Valentine’s Day! There is so many different flavors that you can choose from. The flavors range from classical- blue raspberry and watermelon- to bizarre. New flavors like root beer and raspberry lemonade! They are only one dollar each and are sold at all lunch periods! Go buy one!
Before you do, let me tell you the history of this wonderful holiday of love. There are two legends, but I will tell you only one. In Rome, many years ago, there was an Emperor named Claudius II and he was involved with many bloody and unpopular campaigns. “Claudius the Cruel” as he was called, was having a hard time getting soldiers to come join his military leagues. Legend has it, that he believed that the reason was that Roman men did not want to leave their families or loves. He got furious and canceled all marriages and engagements in Rome! A priest in Rome, named Saint Valentine, and his friend Saint Marius, defied Claudius and continued to give marriages to those who wanted one in secret. Sadly, when Valentine was discovered, he was sentenced to be beaten to death with clubs and to have his head cut off! While he was in prison though, it is believed that he fell in love! Before his death on the 14th of February, he wrote her a letter, which he signed “From your Valentine”. Not many people tend to question how this holiday started, but now you know, and you can honor Valentine’s bravery and share with others this interesting story!