By Alyssa L. 7th grade
Middle North
Feb. 2013

Lately there has been a lot of tablets that are available for purchase. But, do you really know which one is best for you? I have 2 tablets, the Kindle Fire HD and an iPad, but there are many others out there. The iPad has been one of the must-have, unique tablets because it can do so much. There are many features that are good if you want a tablet you can do almost everything on- camera, apps, music, internet, etc... A Kindle is more for watching movies, television, or of course, reading books. You have the option to install apps and music. It it has a camera and internet access. The app store has a smaller amount of apps and music than is offered for the iPad and the iPad has a little bit of a better camera. Another tablet is the iPad mini, which is new on the market. It is just a smaller version of the iPad. There is the Google Nexus 7 which is made for downloading books, movies, and shows, yet there is also fun and apps and features- a Siri like feature too! Keep in mind that in all the tablets I have just told you about, there are several different styles. Such as the Kindle. It has many different versions, such as the Kindle Touch and Kindle HD. There is also the Nook, which is constantly competing with the Kindle. The Nook is from Barnes and Noble and has a USB slot if you need more space for all your downloads and purchases of books, movies, and T.V. shows. Which tablet is best for you? That's a personal choice and there are many to choose from.... so choose wisely.