Spring Play!

By Alyssa L. grade 7
April 2013

The school play this spring is High School Musical. Auditions were on the 21st and 22nd of March and were open to all students! In the auditions, everyone had to sing 30 seconds of a song of their choice and had to read a part of the script. Soon, the callback list was up! There was a regular callback and a dance callback. 25 students made the regular callback, and 10 students made the dance callback. At callbacks, we danced to the song “We’re All in this Together" and then read from the script. A few days later, the cast list was up! Everyone did a really good job, had fun, and tried their hardest! All the students will see the play during the school day, but there is also an evening performance for everyone to see! If you did not audition this year, don’t worry, you can audition next year if you will still be attending Middle School North! Mrs. Arens, our director, Mr. Mazzuca, our musical director, and the actors and actresses can’t wait for you to see our play coming in May!