The Host Review

By Katie G. 6th grade
April 2013

Have you seen or read the book The Host?
In the movie a young Melanie Stryder is one of the only humans alive after aliens come to Earth and inhabit our bodies. One night Melanie and her brother are at a hotel when the "Seekers", the aliens who seek out the humans, find them. Melanie tells her brother that she is going to get rid of the Seekers. Instead Melanie falls out of a window! She broke a lot of bones, damaged most organs, she was basically dead. The seeker gets to her before she dies completely and put a soul named Wanderer in her body. Melanie is one of the many few people who fight back, Wanderer can hear Melanie in her head. This is all that I can tell you without giving too much out and spoiling the ending. I rate this movie 5/5 stars. It's another love triangle written by Stephanie Meyer.