Spit Out Your Gum

Spit Out Your Gum!
Kaitlin Gramins Grade Seven, Hawthorn South

Hear that often? If so here are some facts and opinions of why gum isn't allowed at MSS, and should be allowed.

Why It Isn't Allowed...
-Teachers cannot stand gum on the desks, floors, doors, you name it. Gum is a sticky mess and when kids spit it out all over the building the teachers and janitors don't get very happy.
-It is a distraction to some people hearing the chomping throughout class. It may affect the concentration of some students and make them not pay attention during class.
-Teachers cannot stand watching students chomping on it while they're teaching a lesson. They can't concentrate on teaching and pay close attention to all the chomping.
-The wrappers and containers end up on the floor rather than in the recycling and trash. This means more for the janitors to pick up.

Now, Why It Should Be Allowed...
-Some students find gum eases them during tests and quizzes. It may bring relaxation to them causing them to do better in school.
-Chewing gum may not be good for your teeth but it does reduce the average teens calorie intake. It will give their mouth a chewing that takes place of the snacks.
-Students can chew it quietly. This means it will help them in reducing stress but won't affect the students around them.
-Gum (according to recent studies) helps students focus. This will result in paying attention in class, on tests, and in general.

So now that you know why gum is and isn't allowed, do something to change it!