Food at Hawthorn Middle School North

By Robbie W., grade 7
Middle North
I think we all remember how we used to bring lunch and a snack to school at Townline, North, Aspen, or wherever you went through grades K-5. But it seemed like you didn't get snacks anymore in middle school. In 6th grade, you weren't supposed to have them. But in 7th grade, most of my teachers allow snacks! Take for example Mr. McKenzie, the new Social Studies teacher. He allows snacks at all times, except during tests and quizzes. Mrs Brickman does the same, with the exception of labs, tests, and quizzes. Mr. Reid, my Language Arts teacher, allows food with the same exceptions as Mr. McKenzie. The question remains: Should you bring a snack of some sort to school? If you really want to, then you can, but check with your teacher first!