Spring Pep Assembly

By Chrissy S. 7th grade
April 2013

It was the Friday before spring break, so all of the kids were very anxious to get out of school. When there was about an hour left, all students were led into the gymnasium for a pep assembly. First, all the late winter sports teams were recognized then it was time for the 8th grade volleyball game. It was the boys team against the girls. Mrs. Alexander and Mr. McKenzie played with the teams. At first, the girls were winning, but in the end, it was the boys who pulled through and managed to win the game. Next, they had a mini Scholastic Bowl competition. It was teachers against students from the team and the students won. After that, selected students were called down from the bleachers to play a hula hoop race. There were equal sixth, seventh, and eighth graders. They were lined up and had to move a hula hoop through themselves. Seventh grade won, placing the sixth graders in second and the eighth graders in third. Next, the dance team came out and started dancing. Then, they asked the eighth graders to come down and do the Harlem Shake with them. It was a really surprising and enjoyable performance! By this time, it was already 2:05, and we only had 5 more minutes until school was out for break. They evacuated the gym, row by row, and everyone emptied their lockers and hopped on the bus to go enjoy their break.