By Anya C. and Alyssa L.grade 7
Middle School North
October 2012

“Chorus is when you sit in a room all day singing, right?” “ No way!" It’s so much more! You go to many interesting, fun places. Some of our events include: Vernon Hills Choral Festival, Solo and Ensemble Contest, Organizational Contest, Open House, Great America Festival Contest, IMEA, 8th grade Promotion Ceremony, and several concerts during the year. Chorus also has many enjoyable parties, field trips, and experiences. Six flags, Portillos,and Autumn leaves(retirement home).

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Cross Country

By Payton M.grade 6
Middle North
October 2012

Hawthorn Middle North had a terrific cross country season. The team started the season out with a strong beginning at their first meet against Wauconda and Lake Zurich North. There was a fantastic mid season run at the Matthews Invite leaping over tires. The team had an amazing finish to the season at the Sectionals Meet. The Hawthorn North girls took sixth place while the boys took tenth place.

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Chronicle Review

Lou H., grade 6

Chronicle is a great movie. Three teenagers get supernatural powers and one turns evil. There are three rules: no using it in public, no using it out of anger,and no using it on people. But one person breaks all of the three rules. He turns evil. The entire police squad of Seattle was after him, even the swat team. It takes his cousin to stop him. Is he able to be stopped? Watch to find out.

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The Most Chaotic Day of 2011
On the day before winter beak we got a power outage. 7th played dodgeball in dark. 8th won against the teachers even thought the teachers got a jailbreak. But what was was most chaotic was the power outage. Here is what the people thought of that day:

This is the opinion of Alex Frumkin: “ I didn’t think it was a chaotic day, at all. I watch The Polar Express in Spanish in my Spanish class. My homeroom got Dunkin Donuts and a choice of skim milk, orange juice, or chocolate milk to drink while watching the movie A Christmas Carol. However, when the power went out, the projector stopped working, but the movie was still playing. It stopped on the projector at the moment the suspenseful event was about to happen with Marley! However, it was fun to play dodgeball in the dark and my class also got ice cream sundaes! Plus, it was the last day of school for the year! So, overall, I thought it was the best day of the school year!”

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Colombian Students

Lou H., grade 6

A couple weeks ago, students from Colombia came to our school for week. Everyone was excited and enjoyed seeing the students in their classes and around the building. To end the week, we had all school assembly which featured dancing, a Colombian play, and a little music. A lot of the students got to participate in the dances. The dancing was great, especially the salsa dance. The slideshows and music were amazing. The play was a modern take on the story of sleeping beauty, with a comical twist.

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braces bullying

Ellie M., 6 grade

Now that you are getting older, many kids have braces. Bullies without them tease the kids who do. Here are the two of the most common insults, and how to defend against them:

Insult: Whoo Whoo! Train Tracks!
Reply: look the bully in the eye and just say very innocently, “what?” keep replying to any insults he might throw at you with that simple one word question. If he starts getting really nasty, with swears and everything, tell an adult immediately.You are not being a tattle tale. You are only protecting yourself.

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The Vampire Stalker

By: Miracle Joy Faller, Grade 7
Middle South

Have you ever fallen in love with a story so much you wanted to see the story play out in real life? Well, that's called watching the movie version of the story. Have you ever had a celebrity crush from a movie you really liked watching?

Well, something similar is happening to Amy Hathorne when she read the Otherworld Books. She fell in love with one of the main characters of the story. The boy she fell in love with is named Alexander Banks. Alexander is a vampire slayer from the Chicago of the Otherworld books. He is referred to as the vampire stalker as well.

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Pranav G. Grade 6th
Middle North

The iPhone was top notch and awesome, but how do we improve this? Well, Apple has recently released the iPhone 4S; IT WAS AN IMMEDIATE HIT. This phone has a unique feature called Siri. Siri is highly intelligent digital system that can manage almost any command. It is the first digital communication that understands, then responds to your voice. For an example, if you are looking for directions to Six Flags Great America, You just ask Siri, “ What are the routes to Six Flags Great America?” Siri would then find as many maps as possible to Six Flags, and possibly tell which one she would recommend. The iPhone contains more than meets the eye. Go to and then click on, “Watch the iPhone 4S video” to find out more.

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It's Your Turn to be Webster!!

By: Rikki Laser, Grade Eight
Middle South

Even week I’m writing a word for you all to define. This week’s word was CHARISTAINE! Here are some of the answers you all gave me...

A word for Final Fantasy X and X-2 that determines the attack power of select characters.
A stained chair of ice.
A stain on a chair.
I don’t know I’m not Einstein!
A chair that has a stain.
A coffee stain on an upholstery chair.

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Ellie Mayes, 6th grade

What a lot of variety there is when it comes to thanksgiving vacation destinations! Even though everyone does something different, everyone has fun. I interveiwed some of the teachers and asked them what they did for the long weekend. if you click 'read more', you will see what they did.

Mrs. Gibori:stayed at home
Mrs. Hawkinson: went to her parents
Mrs. Ford: Stayed at home

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