Spring Break Survey!

By Alyssa L. grade 7
Middle North
April 2013

I asked 502 students, from Hawthorn Middle School North, “If you could go anywhere over spring break, where would you go?”.

Here are the results:

1. Hawaii- 90
2. Mexico-45
3. Bahamas-39
4. Jamaica-31
5. Europe- 95
6. Cruise-56
7. Florida-28
8. California-57
9. New York-18
10.Caribbean Islands-43

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Candy for teachers

Katie G. 6th grade
Middle North
October 2012

Hey, it's Halloween season! Don't you ever wonder what teacher like what candy? Some of the 6th grade teachers chimed in and gave their vote.
Mrs. Ford- "Well mine isn't really a bar, but it is the Reese's peanut butter cup."
Mrs. Dzhurov- "Oh, that's a hard one. But it is frozen Snickers, Reese's peanut butter cup, and Twix."
Mrs. Serlin- "M&Ms, wait if I'm being quoted change it to peanut M&Ms."

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The 411 on Teachers and Halloween fun !

By Alyssa L. 6th grade
Middle North
October 2012

BOO! Did I scare you because Halloween is right around the corner! Since it is, I asked some of my teachers some questions about Halloween. What are you going to be for halloween? What's your favorite halloween candy? Are you going to scare anyone? If so, who? Trick or treaters? Teachers? Students? Family? Friends? What's your favorite part about Halloween? Is Halloween your favorite holiday? Why? This is what they responded: Mr.Kao: It's a surprise. Tootsie Roll pops, Reese's Pieces, and Butterfingers. No, I don't like wearing scary costumes or scaring people. I like funny costumes. I love dressing up. I have dressed up as Wolverine, Cookie Monster, and Shaggy in the past. Yes, because I love seeing what other people are dressed as.

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Korea's Loss

Lou H. grade 6
Korea just suffered a great loss happen. Kim Jong ll's died of a heart attack. The government ad changed a photo of his cadaver on the way to the funeral, in the original shot there were people in the bottom left corner and in the second photo the people were gone. When the country heard the news they all stood still and started crying. The news was shocking to them. The country is hoping that his son is a good leader.

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Ben Breedlove Video Review

By: Alex Frumkin, Grade 7
Middle South

Ben Breedlove was a teen from Austin, Texas. On December 18, 2011, he posted a two-part video on his life. In the videos, he stated that he “cheated death” three times. The 1st time was when he was 4 years old! He was wheeled on a stretcher. He remembered looking at the ceiling and seeing a peaceful, heavenly light. He told his mom about it, but she said there was no light. On May 3, 2009, he got surgery to insert a pacemaker. The 2nd time he cheated death was in the summer of 2011. He had a cardiac arrest in the middle of a routine tonsillectomy (removing of tonsils). He was very scared to die, but luckily he didn’t. The 3rd time he cheated death was on December 6, 2011. Breedlove fainted in his high school hallway. When he woke up, Emergency Medical Services surrounded him. They tried to resuscitate him with a shock pad. He then passed out a second time. While he was unconscious, he had a dream where he was in a white room. He and his favorite rapper, Kid Cudi, were wearing suits. Kid Cudi’s song, Mr. Rager, played in the background. This made him feel happy and peaceful, just like the “light.” He never wanted to wake up. Before he woke up, his heart stopped pumping blood for 3 minutes. On December 25, 2011 (Christmas), he had a cardiac arrest in his home while his family and friends were gathered for Christmas dinner. Paramedics rushed in several minutes later. However, they were unable to resuscitate him. His funeral was held on December 29, 2011. About 1,500 people attended, including family, friends, and fans of his video. Another 11,000 people watched it online because it was broadcasted live on KXAN, a NBC-affiliated TV station in Austin, Texas. A day later, Kid Cudi said, in reaction to the funeral, "This has really touched my heart in a way I can't describe, this is why I do what I do." This was a very sad, heartfelt story and I hope that you have sympathy for 18-year old Ben Breedlove.

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braces bullying

Ellie M., 6 grade

Now that you are getting older, many kids have braces. Bullies without them tease the kids who do. Here are the two of the most common insults, and how to defend against them:

Insult: Whoo Whoo! Train Tracks!
Reply: look the bully in the eye and just say very innocently, “what?” keep replying to any insults he might throw at you with that simple one word question. If he starts getting really nasty, with swears and everything, tell an adult immediately.You are not being a tattle tale. You are only protecting yourself.

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Dear Shirley #2

My brother is dating my friend. She says that she’s going to dump him soon, and I don’t want to see him get hurt. What should I do?

Dear Oddness,
I am not sure of all the details, and advice for situation like love greatly depends on the littlest things. If you’re friend just doesn’t think that they are right for each other, then tell you’re friend to make sure that when she dumps your brother he knows it was not his fault. If that isn’t the situation, then you may want to tell him that she might dump him. If you’re friend has good reason to dump him, then ask her if it’s alright that you want to tell him. Ask her to break up with him in person, because it always hurts more if you are broken up with through cell phones rather than in person.

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Dear Shirley

Dear Shirley,
The world is moving forward and leaving me behind. My friends are replacing and ditching me. I am down to one friend, but she is new and I don’t know her all that well. I haven’t spent much time with her. I am lost and don’t know what to do. What do you think?
Lost Girl 101

Dear Lost Girl 101,
A lot of kids have your problem. I have encountered it many times myself. I think you should keep spending time with your new friend, but also try and make new ones. A great way to make friends is to join clubs. That way you will meet people with similar interests. Friends with interests that are similar to your own are easier to have because there is something that you can talk about that both of you will be interested in. If that doesn’t work after awhile, you can talk to Mrs. Logsdon or Mr. Langlund. You can form a group with them and other students where you can talk about any issues you have and get advice from her and students other than myself. Good Luck!

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Teachers' Pet Peeves

By: Rikki Laser, Grade 8
Middle South

All the teachers have pet peeves. Coming in contact with them can cause big problems. So read the list below and stay on teachers’ good sides!

Mrs. Masini: When teachers have arms loads of stuff and students walk right past and don’t hold the door for them.

Mrs. Munkvold responds: When kids say that their homework’s at home but I know it’s not done! “You can see it in their faces!!!”

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Trick or Treat for Unicef

Pranav G, grade 6
Middle North

Trick or Treat! Every October 31st we have Halloween. We go to peoples’ houses and get free candy. On this very day more than 21,000 children die from preventable causes like unsafe drinking water, lack of an affordable vaccine, and not enough nutrition food. You might be saying, so, why does it matter? Well, think about this. What if you were the one that suffered. UNICEF is an organization that is doing whatever it takes to reduce child mortality and trying to reach a day when the number of children dying from preventable causes goes from 21,000 to zero. They came up with a brilliant idea of getting donations to help this goal. They made a box to be used to collect money. After that, they sent it to schools all over America hoping that children/adults will help. 25¢ give 10 children clean water to drink for a day. $1 pays for protein biscuits for a starving child. $17 keeps a kid safe from 6 killer diseases. $24 supplies an emergency first aid kit. $257 buys a School-in-a-Box so kids can learn anywhere. Lastly, $500 provides a water pump for a village or school. So, the next time you want to buy a small 25¢ candy, think twice and donate it so that 10 children can have clean water to drink for a day. Thank you for your treat!

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